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Things to Look for When Buying a Copier or Printer

January 17th, 2022 by Function4

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Are you thinking of buying a new printer or copier for your business? Need to make an upgrade right away in the fastest time? Then make sure to read this post first as we share with you some of the most crucial things to consider when buying a copier or printer. Take a look:

Determine Your Budget

First things first, you need to be clear about the budget you have for your purchase. This is because there are tons of options available, and you can easily override your budget if you are not clear of your limit. It's important to understand that the issue of budgeting for copiers runs deeper than the upfront cost. This is because you also need to consider the ongoing price of the replacement ink.

It is quite common for the cheapest printers to have the most expensive ink. That is how manufacturers today make money. Therefore, when you're making your investment, be clear of the budget and research the market for options where the price of the cartridge replacement is in line with the printer at a similar price point. Also, sometimes, using unapproved ink cartridges can void the warranty.

Ink Type

When buying a printer, a big question is whether you want to buy a colored printer or monochrome? Everyone would want a colored printer; it can be more expensive than monochrome devices as they require four toner cartridges such as black, yellow, cyan, and magenta. However, monochrome devices only use black.

However, if you have a good budget, an ink printer should be a preferred choice. There are three common ink cartridge configurations to select from:

  • Two ink cartridges–a black cartridge and an all-in-one color cartridge
  • Four ink cartridges–A black cartridge with three separate ones for magenta, yellow, and cyan.
  • Inkwells–This type is very different where the printer draws the ink from its large and refillable wells.

Out of all the three cartridge configurations, inkwells is perhaps the most economical one in the long run.

Laser vs. Inkjet

If you're a small business and you don't have large printing needs, then an inkjet device is your best bet. It is designed for handling low print volumes and comes with a low up-front cost. Moreover, they also offer high-quality images and take little space in the office. On the other hand, large companies with high print volumes benefit will find laser a better option. This is because laser printers can print high-quality text and a super-fast speed.

Wireless Connectivity

Although all printers in the market provide wired connectivity, today, businesses want devices that offer WIFI connectivity. If you do, too, then you will have to do some more legwork to find machines that support Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print. Search for a printer that offers both WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth is excellent for printing work from local mobile devices, while the WIFI options let you print documents remotely if you're located remotely.

Paper Format and Handling

This is definitely one feature that you can't overlook. It is because not all printers accept legal-sized paper. Some of the machines have separate scanner feeding trays located on the top, which can be used for scanning large documents or stacking multiple papers into a single PDF file.

Paper handling is equally another factor that you need to consider. We say this because adding more paper constantly can slow down the workflow and frustrate the staff. Therefore, consider your requirements first; if you only print on standard size paper 8.5"x11" prints, the A4 copier will be suitable. However, for larger documents, consider an A3 device that can handle paper up to 11"x17'' inches.

Contact us for more information or assistance with finding the best printer for your business. We have partnered with multifunction printer suppliers, including Sharp, Konica Minolta, and more. We can help you navigate through the best options available and make the best selection per your requirements and budget. Give us a chance to serve you.

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