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How to Win at Mobile Device Management

December 17th, 2018 by Function4

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The predictions were accurate—mobile workforce numbers continue to grow as companies realize the value of an agile staff with 24/7 access to business data. Here's why the most successful among these business leaders look to mobile device management to keep a tight rein on their organization's networked smartphones and tablets.

Protect Confidential Information

One of the downsides to mobile device usage is that smartphones are easy to lose and are attractive targets to opportunistic criminals. When a networked mobile device falls into the wrong hands, things can go from bad to your company's worst nightmare in a matter of seconds. Mobile device management provides your business with robust security protocols to protect confidential data. Solutions like device encryption, remote data wiping, and lock-code standards offer a safety net in case a mobile device goes missing.

Keep Tabs on Networked Device Inventories

While your company may not maintain ownership of BYOD tools, you do own the information they can access. Smart managers know what devices are on their network, who's using them, and how, when, and where they're being used to access company information. A mobile device management strategy provides proven solutions to help you keep track of your mobile fleet.

Give Employees More Freedom

Today's workforce isn't excited about being tied down to the office. The most satisfied employees are those who can access and collaborate on company data in as few steps as possible, freeing up time to use their talents (and their free time) more productively. Mobile device management experts provide secure, streamlined access to document management systems as well as robust IT support—a win for your company and your employees.

Is your company getting the best ROI from your mobile workforce? To learn more about why so many companies look to Mobile Device Management for guidance, contact us at Function4 today!

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