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Mobile Device Management Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

September 10th, 2018 by Function4

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Mobile workers are expected to comprise nearly 75% of the workforce in the U.S. within the next two years. The healthcare sector can expect to see a similar trend, and controlling data access will become even more complicated than it is today.

While mobile access to data delivers some compelling productivity benefits, managing employee-controlled mobile devices from a variety of locations poses some unique IT management challenges. Here's why many healthcare leaders look to professional Mobile Device Management strategies for answers.

A Comprehensive Strategy

Your employees own and operate mobile devices in a variety of formats and operating systems. With a Mobile Device Management partnership, your information is protected on smartphones and tablets using Windows, Android, and iOS systems. Whether your healthcare facility authorizes BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), chooses the COPE approach (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled), or a combination of the two, a Mobile Device Management solution can provide you with comprehensive oversight.

Improved Productivity

The driving force behind mobile device use at work is to improve productivity and facilitate collaboration. With a Mobile Device Management partner, your healthcare organization can embrace mobility and move forward with confidence.

Compliance and Data Security

With the adoption of mobile device usage, the healthcare industry must proactively address the new security challenges facing individual organizations. Mobile Device Management applications that ensure data security and compliance can provide robust solutions for protecting information outside of the home office.

Separating Private and Corporate Data

With the adoption of any BYOD or COPE strategy, it's critical to address the issue of keeping private and corporate data separate. Your Mobile Device Management partner can provide applications to keep personal and company-owned information protected.

Mobile device usage is coming to the healthcare sector, and for many, it's already a reality. For expert assistance addressing these and other management and security challenges, contact Function4 today!

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