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Data Security with Document Management

June 18th, 2018 by Function4

document management

If you're worried about data security (and who isn't these days?), a document management system can give you the peace of mind you're seeking. Document management also increases efficiency, saves time, and reduces operating costs.

When added to the built-in data security solutions, it's evident that investing in a document management system should be a top priority for businesses of all types and sizes. Here's why you shouldn't wait to get started.

Secure Your File Management Processes

At its core, document management is about managing information as it travels through your organization. If you're relying on a paper-based system, you're well aware that files can go missing very quickly and are nearly impossible to secure. Document management solves the problems associated with managing and securing your files.

Digital document management can:

  • Keep unauthorized users away. Why let just anyone view your sensitive files? With a document management system, you can limit and control file access, preventing unauthorized persons from viewing, editing, or removing confidential information.
  • Keep track of your files. In a paper-based system, it's impossible to know what's happened to a file that isn't where it's supposed to be. Document management uses audit tracking and version controls to keep tabs on files and changes from start to finish.
  • Back it up. If a disaster strikes, your paper documents may go up in smoke. Cloud-based document management keeps your files backed up and safe from hackers or natural disasters, making it easier to get back to business if the worst happens.
  • Encrypt your files. Your documents are vulnerable as users digitally route them to various locations. Data encryption secures your files during transit, in storage, and during printing.

Enhanced security is just one way document management can help your business succeed. To learn more about the advantages of a document management solution, contact us at Function4 today!

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